Herbal Tonics

Tonic Herbalism is the practice of combining traditional ‘tonic herbs’ to achieve a synergistic effect that far greater than what can be obtained by taking individual herbs.

Herbal Medicine is the First Food/ First Traditional Medicine of all cultures around the world. Herbal medicine accounts for three quarters of the remedies used globally.

We, as children of the earth, need to really love and value the nourishment and essence of herbs in our lifestyles, as they are the origins of all medicines, natural and synthesized.

As well as having phytochemical, or plant-specific medicinally active constituents, many herbs contain essential vitamins and minerals along with trace elements in a balanced, readily absorbable form. Most cultures have herbs in our cooking and generally take them for granted like parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, cumin, garlic and dill.

Herbs may be included in a formula or taken as a separate medicine, either as an infusion, decoction or just eaten raw, as in a salad.

An herbalist is concerned with a person’s well-being as a whole, hence the term ‘holistic’, suggesting treatments which help clients become aware of the nutritional value of their food and beverage intake, supporting health which is naturally enriched.

Generally in most modern cuisines, herbs tend to only be use as “extras” to please the palate and enliven our menus. However, East Indian and Chinese cultures include herbs in their cuisines specifically to enhance one’s health, such as turmeric and ginger. Profound value of herbs can be found as they stimulate our appetite, improve digestion and enhance our over-all well-being.

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