Heart of Nature Apothecary, located in the magical Tweed Caldera,

is dedicated to bringing your customers superior quality

Herbal Therapeutic Teas, Signature Teas and Herbal Tinctures.

Naturopath & Herbalist Deanna Kiger (UNE- Bachelor of Health Sciences Naturopathy Adv. Dip. Naturopathy; Adv. Dip Homoeopathy; Adv. Dip Botanical Medicine) offers a variety of products perfect for you or your customers including her signature Organic Herbal Therapeutic Tea Blends. They are teas to warm the body, soothe the mind, and heal the soul. All Heart of Nature Organic Herbal Therapeutic Tea Blends are made using Australian owned certified organic herbs. Each herb is carefully selected and added to the variety of unique blends for their therapeutic benefits. Each distinct tea is lovingly hand-blended and infused with Tweed Caldera quartz and other semi-precious gems by Deanna herself and blessed by Veronika Scurr, Reiki Master. Heart of Nature intends that our teas give the ‘feeling of self-healing’ directly from Universal Source. Our ever-expanding range of tea blends vary in flavor and formula and can also be tailor-made to meet specific needs. You might even consider a specialized custom blend just for your shop. Here is a sampling of what we offer: ‘Summer Delight’ a refreshing, tasty blend; ‘Don’t Fungal Me Now’ may assist in anti-candida; ‘Easy as She Goes’ may assist in stress reduction; ‘Sweet Dreams’ may promote a calm, reflective, dreamy state of being. Heart of Nature Apothecary Organic Herbal Therapeutic Tea Blends have proved to be very popular due to their flavor and efficacy and come beautifully packaged (which can then be composted or recycled). Having a cup of tea allows us to “Just Be.”Deanna also formulates the therapeutic specialty blends of Heart of Nature Apothecary Herbal Tinctures. She is best known for her formulas in relation to digestion, mouthwash, and nervous system tonics. Her other well known tonics include B4 (before & after party use), Hangover Relief, Mellow Out, Off the Sugar, and Tick Tonic (blood cleanser).

What we stand for:

Our Mission is to provide services and products which assist people
with health, education, resources, and healing pathways to self-sustainability.

Our intention is to provide quality support which nurtures optimal health via integrated holistic healthcare,
including Earth Therapies and Medicine designed by Mother Nature for holistic living.

Our soul purpose is to enhance mind, body and spirit through wholesome natural sources,
such as therapeutic herbal medicines, ancient body work practices and quantum light technologies.

Herbal Teas

Herbal tea in a cup
Heart of Nature Apothecary

only uses the finest Australian sourced Organic ingredients. Our teas are intended to give the feeling of self healing directly from Universal Source.
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Herbal Tonics

Tonic Herbalism is the practice of combining traditional ‘tonic herbs’ to achieve a synergistic effect that is far greater than what can be obtained by taking individual herbs.
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Deanna Kiger

Deanna Kiger

has devoted her entire adult life to helping others with their health. Her gentle good humor and loving heart convey the sensibilities of authentic old-fashioned healers.
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Other Services

Other Services
Heart of nature Apothecary

provides a variety of other services beyond Herbal Teas and Tonics. From laser therapy to Breema and other body work therapies.

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