Mt Warning Mystic Tea

Mt Warning Mystic Tea

Mt Warning Mystic Tea

From the heart of Mt Warning also known as Wollumbin caldera, Heart of Nature Apothecary brings to you the delight and flavours of the native flora!
Hand crafted from 100% Australian grown organic herbs, our native tea blend can be served hot or cold, either way you may experience joy and pleasure knowing you are sipping a delightful gift from nature!
Organic  ingredients: Calendula, lemongrass, lemon myrtle, rosehips and Rozella.
Blessed with Reiki and infused with Tweed caldera quartz an semi precious gemstones!
Each package includes a free organic reusable teabag and specialty tips for tea brewing!

Proudly Australian made and owned!
All of our looseleaf teas are handcrafted and hand package in recyclable packaging -loving our Mother Earth!

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Beyond the Surface Tea

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(May assist symptoms associated with problematic & chronic skin conditions)

Skin Issues:  Not everyone is aware of the fact that the skin is an organ just as vital as the kidney, stomach and intestines, and even as essential as the liver. The skin is known as being the largest organ of the body, covering the entire surface of our musculoskeletal structure. It is also the largest filter and eliminator of toxic waste. Therefore if one has skin issues deeper than the occasional pimple or blemish, one needs to consider lightening the body’s toxic load. Continue reading